Thursday, March 10, 2011

On another birthday

2 birthdays in 3 days!! Wow!!

Today is another special occasion on this blog,

The birthday of my brother, mohamad ihsan bin ahmad nordin.

felt like yesterday I was in my pampers, in my dad's car, going to see my newlyborn brother (that was 17 years ago) at Pantai Medical Centre in Bangsar.

And from then on I became along. And for 4 more years it was only the two of us, me and adik. (That's what I call him, my dad occasionally calls him adik botak because he was lacking in hair when he was small)

And he used to be very robust when he was a kid. Once his fingernail came off because it was stuck in a folding chair. Another time he fell down and had his eyebrow stitched. Another time we played remote control cars and he fell down and the antenna got lodged in his eye. Another time we played wrestling and his arm broke. I was often there but he seemed to be the one getting all the injuries.

Which maybe a reason why he's headboy now, because he's much tougher than me. Waaa, dah besar dah (you're all grown up). I doubt you'll reading this blog, but if you ever do, things are gonna get tougher after secondary school but just bear with it because I know you can :)

Happy birthday ihsan/adik :D

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nadia said...

and that's what we usually call him..
though ade ilham n izhar pon..
we never failed to call him adik..
skrg..adik head boy! :p