Thursday, March 3, 2011

on why we need a new mentality that is mentally healthy

Now I can feel why they want a revolution so badly.

Went to the Moroccan Embassy in Paddington to do a visa for a trip there. First of all, to obtain a visa, even for a short trip, amongst other things you need

- letter from the host to say that you're welcome in Morocco
- a letter from the Malaysian embassy in Morocco
- bank statements from the past 3 months (whaaaaattttt???)

It's like requesting a visa for studying 3 years in the UK. But even more harrowing. Why?

Taken from

Processing your application: 

Your application will be processed only if you provide all the items listed by the above guidelines. The processing time is no less than three business days.
 Monday to Friday: from 09 am to 11 am.
Collection: at 1 00 pm

W2 1NT
tel   : 02077240624    //   02077240624        
fax  : 02077067407

For Non Residents in the UK:

Residents of countries other than the UK must contact the nearest Moroccan Consulate or Embassy of country of residence. If you need assistance, you are kindly requested to contact the Visa Department.


Visa Issuance will be carried out at the sole discretion of the Consulate General.

Thanks for your interest in visiting our country. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

Please pay close attention to the underlined sentences thank you.

Okay so it said that applications can be made from 9-11, Monday-Friday. So we came at 10.

Receptionist: visa?
we: yes yes.
R: okay take this *handing out two manila cards with numbers 9 & 10 written on them* quick we close at 10.
W: ???????? But i thought you close at 11.
R: No no we close at 10 *hushing us away*

And then we took the application forms and filled them in there and then. After a while the man at the visa counter said

MAVC (man at visa counter): you should have completed the forms before you came here! you can't expect me to stand waiting for you..fill it in and come back on Monday. we're closed on Friday.
W:  ???????? how long will it take to finish?
MAVC: Within a week.
W: *haggling and persuading, not yet reached the point of arguing*
MAVC: *acquiescing*

And i thought malaysian bureaucracy was lamentable. But this is even more bewildering. i was so shocked by the attitude of the officers that midi did all the haggling. the place had an air of 'this is my embassy i can do anything i want so zip-it'.

a friend of mine once applied for visa to be completed by 3 days, and they said no, not in 3 days. The next day another friend of mine came and asked for 2 days. After much haggling, they said that was fine. Aiyoooo, macam pasar lah (like the market).

Thanks for your interest in visiting our country. Yes, i can see that you're really interested.

"i look at the West, and i see Islam without Muslims. i look at the East, and i see Muslims without Islam."


Hanis Amanina said...

tak pernah buat visa lagi. biasanya berapa lama visa nak siap ek?

Unknown said...

dlm 1 week kebiasaannya, tp blh push for few days

asyrazi said...

moga dipermudah segala urusan, inchallah. Dan, selamat datang ke Morocco :)