Thursday, April 21, 2011

on what is inside you, you abhor if people found out

If you take the first letter of any word and put it between 'the' and 'word', the letter becomes automatically notorious, although the word itself may be harmless.

The D word.


The F word.


The F U word.

Fluffy Unicorn.

But the J word is notorious in both shortform and actual meaning.


when jahiliyyah rears its ugly head
"ssokay, we're not jahiliyyah. we're an islamic country, and we're islamic people what. that isoc brother said so"


jahiliyyah is everything not islam, and how many of it is present in today's world. You don't have to look at the dying or dead babies in rubbish bins, or the millions of mat pet by the roadside in Chow Kit to see it.

Rasulullah SAW said,

"Righteousness is goodness of character, and wrongdoing is that which wavers in your soul and which you dislike people finding out about".

"From the goodness of someone's Islam, he leaves what does not benefit him."

How many ugly red worms are wavering, itching in ourselves, and how much time do we spend doing unbeneficial things. 

"but akademi fantasia is beneficial! i get to relax and chillax".

Relax all you want, see if it benefits you soon. hee. Okay, that sounded evil. Its okay, you can continue with your life. Okay, that sounded sarcastic. How do i make this sound okay? T_T

For da'iyaat (remember, all of us are da'ie, the difference is whether we're aware of it or not), the J word is of added danger. A friend of mine told me that having jahiliyyah within us is like carrying a heavy bag while running or swimming. Even if you're a commando with a black belt in Karate, that sort of load will, eventually, weigh us down. 

"errr, adik, this sort of thing is not good for a muslim to do. what? i do it also? err..forget about me, you want to go to Heaven right.."

So the best thing to do is: ditch it. Kill the worm.

"hey, cakap senanglah! orang susah2 struggle nak buang jahiliyyah, dia boleh suruh kill camtu jer"
"hey, it's easy for you to talk! i am struggling to throw away jahiliyyah, what do you know."

I feel you, mr. struggling-with-jahiliyyah. It is hard, what more with 20 years or so living with a habit. Even Abu Zar, a renowned companion, once said to Bilal "son of a black woman."

When Bilal complained to Rasulullah, he said to Abu Zar, "you still have rusts of jahiliyyah within you."

erk T_T i think i have done worse than call my friends names. True to a believer, Abu Zar was overcome with guilt and asked Bilal to step on his head. And true to a believer, Bilal didn't have the heart for such a thing.

So that's what this whole episode on the J word is about. I think it was Imam Ghazali who said that the biggest sin is not realising what you're doing is a sin. So when we recognise a worm for a worm, we'll try our best to rid ourselves of it. 

And if we stumble, we rise again. Stumble, rise again. Until we're purified from the habit.

That's what the T word is for.