Friday, August 24, 2012

L.I.F.E as a muslim - honk if you're malaysian

Thursday, August 23, 2012

raya sakan

sakan in malay = vigorously

sakana in arabic (سكن) = pacify, lull

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

heart diseases that cardiologists can't cure

Salaams and

eid mubarak! :)

We're now in the month of Syawal, and this is where we start testing whether we can successfully apply what we've learnt in Ramadan. 

And by the looks of it, things are not looking good for me.


It is hard isn't it, getting our desires under control. Especially if we have become addicted to our desires for years and years and years.

A lot of people are addicts in one way or another. Addicted to food, addicted to money, addicted to facebook, addicted to one style of drawing, addicted to..(insert your favorite addiction here)

That's why i sometimes think of D&T as a rehabilitation centre. It's full of ex-addicts and addicts who would like to come clean. Some habits are easy to cure, while others

*Mr Magistrate, if this is your behaviour, then i'd better give you an injection
Take a very long time.

Luckily, Allah sent us the cure for EVERY disease of the heart through His Book and His Messenger.

Tie ourselves to the Quran and to the Sunnah, and God willing, we will find a cure for that affliction inside the heart. 

For example. A few days ago i came across this hadeeth: 

"The person who falls in love ('ishq), remains chaste, conceals this (from others), and dies is a shahid"

This is a wonderful hadeeth. It is very soothing, especially for the young people of our generation. A lot of people do this  : 

- they see someone they like
- then text messages flow back and forth. And when a man and a woman are alone, the third person is? 
- then they start calling
- they change the status on facebook to 'in a relationship', which is supported by a 100 likes
- "let's meet up somewhere" and they start going out.
- by this time the third person is probably laughing. He's saying "gotcha! i didn't have to tell you go and do zina. I just had to make you send that first text message". 

This is how a lot of boys and girls fall. And how a lot of babies end up by the side of the road.

And our young people do not have the means to overcome this temptation. it takes a strong character to resist when everyone's asking "don't you have a boyfriend?" and a lot of people are posting their 'happy moments' on facebook.

So we need to help people from falling into black holes. Find ways to take them back to the truth. Give them the motivation to overcome their addictions.

Dying as a martyr. That is an awesome motivation, and very soothing indeed.