Monday, April 23, 2012

on going back for good

Its April already. Seems just like yesterday that i landed in heathrow airport to be picked up by a 15-seater van and brought to a kebab house called Harput.

haaaaaaa~ (choir singing in background)
but eventually i ended up getting more than mixed doner with chips and chilli sauce and free drinks *drool* in london, i learned the meaning of serving one God.

But now 3 years is almost up and i will be going back to

choir : *malaaaaaysia cemerlang gemilang. malaaaaaysia ku gagah gemilang*
And as any da'ie will tell you, the word 'BFG' is a worrying one.
what does BFG mean? 

Big Friendly Giant?

Bipolar Freakish Graduate? 

Big Fat Guy? -.-

No. BFG = Back For Good.

being a BFG fills me with apprehension because lots of questions crop up.

- in the UK, if my iman is down or i slack up, there'll be someone else to push me. something is seriously wrong with you if you don't feel a pinch a guilt when you see people reading quran everyday and you're not.

- although studying drives some people to suicide, its not as taxing as work (especially when you're at the London School of Enjoyment). This is what i've heard from people already in the rat race. Wake up in the morning, work 9 to 5, spend time getting stuck in the legendary KL traffic jam, you'll be really hard pressed to find time for D&T.

- and one more worry : when we go back, will there be people who are willing to continue our work? who will be brave enough to shoulder the duty and continue to spread the message? 

You? hopefully.

So yeah, these are some of the worries on the mind of everyone on the plank. 

And if you want to risk being thrown to the sharks, be the next person to ask me the question "so you're going back to malaysia. when are you getting married?" aiyoo -.-

As a safety measure, i've asked one of the brothers to check this blog : if it hasn't been updated for 2 weeks in a row, call. save me if i 'drowned'.

Although that's not a fullproof safety measure. If we let ourselves get carried away with the syaitan, only God can save us. 


Anonymous said...

wah akh Ikmal, kita akn join club BFG juga huhu may Allah make us among those who are steadfast in His path inshaallah

moja edin

FirdausRock said...

this year final?wah,untungla..tahniah2.. :)

Anonymous said...

so you're going back to malaysia. when are you getting married?"

Puan Seri said...

welcome back to malaysia!

Anonymous said...

di celah kesibukan,insyaAllah,pasti ada masa untuk berD&T,cuma kena usaha.tak ada apa yang mustahil,semoga tarbiyah dan permata yang dapat dikutip dapat diamalkan dan disampaikan pada-pada mana-mana kawan kita yang masih tercari-cari "light at the end of the tunnel" :)

Anonymous said...

saya pun baru BFG jugak. and i must say that it's kinda hard for me to cope with everything at first. and still, i am learning to cope right now. Semoga Dia redha dgn usaha kita...semoga juga, kita tetap di jalanNya :)

The Author said...

anonymous no.6 : mohon tunjuk ajar ;)