Friday, April 20, 2012

on being supermen. because being typical is too mainstream

D&T is fun.

Don't believe me? this is how my circle looks like :

We have physical nourishment

And spiritual nourishment.

Don't be jealous that i have awhsome circlemates who can cook steaks :p

Yesterday we talked about


You know how when we were younger, we wanted to be like the Power Rangers? we wanted to have special powers, be like the Red Ranger and say 'Tyrannosaurus!' When i was in kindergarten, i had this cool Red Ranger watch with a battle game on it, and i would show it off to the other kids.

But as we grew older, we turned into 'average Mat' (the malay equivalent of 'average Joe')

The average Mat

- prays (even doing this makes him a 'better than average Mat')
- fasts in ramadhan
- goes into a cocoon and studies
- Goes out of the cocoon and finds work
- marries and brings up a family
- retires and lives on pension (until malaysia goes bankrupt in 2020)
- dies

Let's compare this to the life of an average caterpillar:

- praises Allah constantly (17 : 44)
- goes into a cocoon
- comes out of the cocoon and becomes a butterfly
- pollinates flowers to become fruits
- never goes on pension
- dies

So yeah, when we grow older all the spirit and the fire is taken out of us and we decide to become 'a typical muslim'. what is a typical muslim anyways?

nowadays, having a relationship before marriage is normal for most muslims. wasting time on the internet is normal. having an addiction (to movies, to games, to smoking) is normal. Its normal because society says so, not because Allah says so. If things go on like this, i wonder what 'normal' is in 10, 20 years.

So we should pose a question to ourselves :

Are we following the islam of society? or are we following the islam of Allah and His messenger?

Are we following the truth, or are we following our egos and our desires?

What was normal in the time of the prophet and the sahabah is now branded 'extremist'.

To be fair, things are not all that bad. If you post something about palestine on facebook, odds are a lot of people will 'like' that post. But palestine will not be free through slacktivism. (slacktivism = slacking + activism) It needs real work and real men like 'Umar and Salahuddeen. And real men like 'Umar and Salahuddeen were not built in one night. They underwent a long period of education and purification, and they sold themselves to the cause of islam. If they did something, it was for the purposes of da'wah. You could cut open their bodies and find the word 'Allah' in every single red blood cell. (2:138)

That is what we call superhuman. We don't need a million normal men who proclaim that they love Allah. We just need a few superhumans/renaissance men/SuperMats who commit themselves to the cause, and God willing, the world and all the butterflies in it will be safe.


Anonymous said...

that's why they said if a woman want to be absolutely attractive while walking in the mall, they should wear something different from others. not typical one. why not wearing jubah? :)