Saturday, May 15, 2010

For People of understanding

Why are we here?

No, not why you are in front of the computer.

I mean why are we HERE?

Why are we here today, as human beings on this blue planet?

We could have been

or we could have been insects.
or trees
or even a parasite in one of our friends' brains, for that matter.

But no.

We're humans, and that made all the difference.

And its a major difference.
We could create deforestation, but forests could not dehumanize cities.
We can breed chickens, but i haven't heard of chickens breeding humans.

We are given control of this blue planet. Humans are, in a way, very, very unique amongst living beings.

So why this difference? For what purpose?

Are we created to live, breathe, work, eat and eventually die?

The lion works.

It eats.

It occasionally plays.

And it eventually dies.

Let's ask ourselves; are we any different from the lion? or the chimpanzee? or the fish? What makes us human? For what higher purpose are we HERE, because if we just eat, sleep and drink *like the Coca-Cola advert* we are, in essence no different from the animals.

To be continued....

Friday, May 14, 2010

*yawn* :D

Salams readers,

longgggggggggggggggg time no see... :)))

had a period of self-exploration and truth searching recently, so i didn't know what to write in ye olde blog..

so hopefully now i'll clear away the cobwebs and continue to write, insyaallah :)

BUT before that,

next week on Monday (3 days more -.-) i'll be having my 1st ever exam in LSE, which is an accounting paper..accounting is a lot more fun than what you think, okay :)

if any of you have spare time (and the fact that you have time to read this blog proves this, aha!) please make doa for me so that my affairs are made easy.

THANX loads :)