Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decency much

Right, i was in LSE100 class and it was already 5 minutes past the hour. Ms Gayoso, probably the hottest teacher i ever had (which maybe explains why i came early to class) looked like she was about to cry because only 5 people were there.

And then she waited a few more minutes, when someone came in through the door. A girl.

And she was wearing a large male shirt, un-ironed, and only knickers underneath, but it was soooo short you'd think she was wearing the shirt only. And the hair was all messed up, like she just got out of bed. Whose bed, i'd rather not speculate.

Excerpts from my mind:

''How the hell did she walk outside in this 5 C weather?''

''Is it summer yet?''

''Is it 'dress minimally to school' day?''

Throughout the class we played a game. But after that we were told to sit in pairs and discuss the game, and, you guessed it, i was with THAT woman.

How could you concentrate on the task when you're distracted by exposure?

I couldn't even take what she said seriously, because of hearing 'stupid bimbo' jokes, and she was dressed like one.

Have the decency to cover up. Some people want to learn, not watch stripshows.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today is one of those days where you don't have the energy to do anything, just because you've had too much sleep.

I woke up at 8 (arghhh..noooo) and then, finding no reason to wake up, slept.

Woke up at 9.15. Snoozed

Woke up at 10. Snoozed.

Woke up at 11. Snoozed.

Woke up close to 12 and decided to enjoy the 4 1/2 hours of sunshine left during this long winter.

Seriously, snooze must be the most destructive invention ever after nuclear bombs and baked beans.

But ironically, even after getting all that sleep i just didn't have the energy to do something productive. No reading

Not even lifting weights

And then i skyped a bit (there's always energy to chat) :)

And then Yazid came to visit Butlers Wharf (rarely anyone comes here, sob3). He couldn't stand my room's *ehem2* 'lack of tidyness' because i think he has OCD, so we decided to go outside and grab a bite.

On the way from my hall to London Bridge, you can see these things:

1) Statues of indecent Londoners (i think its the Western version of 7 Puteri mandi2)

2) City Hall @ Mayor's office @ The Glass Gonad

3) HMS Belfast, a battleship turned museum

Finally, fresh air. Then we ate greasy fried wings and chips, which constitutes 1/3 of my diet nowadays.

Now I feel refreshed!!!! (dance) After this blog post, i'll start studying. Probably. Or after facebook. Or after this song on Youtube. Too many distractions lah. No wonder im exhausted.

p/s: Goodluck to people getting their AS results tomorrow!! :))

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Realizations :)

Yesterday a band of brothers from around London and Portsmouth gathered together at Finsbury Park mosque to hold a qiyamullail (literally 'waking/standing up at night', correct me if im wrong)

Because in our busy worldly schedule, we must remember that this world, and everything in it, was created by the Almighty. What better way to show gratefulness than to sacrifice our sleep (which is very very nice) and pray, but of course not many of us are capable of doing that.

And then in the morning we all had a breakfast of Nasi Lemak =) and teh tarik:

Which was quite spicy my tongue turned a brighter red (i was thinking of putting a photo here, but for the sake of humanity decided against it).

Makan sampai licin

Then after Zuhr i went back home but before that, stopped at the best place for eating grilled chicken, Griller's @ Finsbury Park.

This stuff is seriously good. You know places in KL where we can get really nice briyani like Insaf at Jalan TAR? That's like nasi goreng here. Exaggerations intended, but that's what Mr Ravi told me once, and i thought he was talking crap.

After Nasi Lemak and Grilled Chicken and probably thousands of calories (most of us went for basketball in the morning, but i stayed and slept, for i hadn't slept i'd have written nonsense in here), i finally went home sweet home.

Oh yeah, thank you to Hafidz for transferring ownership of these Clarks shoes for only 8 pounds (FACTORY OUTLET PRICE 20 pounds):

Now that i think of it, its kinda funny. We were in a factory outlet store the other day helping Akmal find shoes for his parents. I saw these shoes and i thought i wanted to buy them, but since Hafidz wanted them i said ok, go ahead and i didn't buy them cause that would make either of us un-unique.

But suddenly on Tuesday he asked me whether i wanted to buy the shoes (he only wore it what, 5 times?) for 10 pounds and i said '8 pounds, ko dsperate nk jual kn..hahaha' and that's how i got my new second-hand shoes ;) It still looks new to me, and i got it for less. Life has sometimes weird and unexpected ways of turning out. Praise the Almighty :))

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yesterday i was stopped by the London Metropolitan Police. A stop and search under the terrorism act, they say.Funny thing was, this is the SECOND time i've been stopped. At the same place. More or less the same time.

Does this look like a terrorist to you?

No rightttt?

Then they searched my bags and i think they found these things:

Let's see..a prayer mat, a qiblah compass, Macroeconomics textbook, external hard drive, my pencil case and the camera. Nothing dangerous there, i presume. Except maybe the prayer mat and the compass. Yes, that makes me a fundamentalist. Satisfied now?

What's wrong with being a fundamentalist anyways?? As a well known blogger currently residing in God-knows-where says, being fundamentalist means you uphold the fundamentals of Islam, which really makes you a better person and not some terrorist killing civilians.

But then, they didn't really accuse me of anything, so no need for emo-ing. It was just a harmless stop-and-search, one officer searched my bag and the other did small talk. No good cop bad cop routine here.

Then they issued me two pieces of paper:

Let me see..stop and search code H & its Terrorism s.44(1) & 44(2).

Once again i searched credible sources (Wikipedia, again). Terrorism Act 2000, if you want to search for it. But particularly this section:

Section 44 powers (stop and search)
The most commonly encountered use of the Act was outlined in Section 44 which enables the police and the Home Secretary to define any area in the country as well as a time period wherein they could stop and search any vehicle or person, and seize "articles of a kind which could be used in connection with terrorism". Unlike other stop and search powers that the police can use, Section 44 does not require the police to have "reasonable suspicion" that an offence has been committed, to search an individual.

In January 2010 the stop-and-search powers granted under Section 44 were ruled illegal by the European Court of Human Rights. .

So it's ruled illegal! But that's ok, we can do whatever we like, we're gonna catch those terrorists mate. And they happen to look suspiciously foreign, maybe Muslim (i don't know how Muslims look like) and preferably Middle Eastern. 'No reasonable suspicion' my a**e.


If you don't want people to come bomb your country, don't go make some fantasy tales about WMDs and bomb their place.

Made beautiful to humans what they covet

This conversation happened one day in the evening, when i was trying to get some sleep and it so happened that my roommate was trying to get some sleep too, cause when i sleep at night he's never home but when i wake up, he's sleeping and when i come back from classes, he's still asleep. (This conversation was me on my bed, him on his bed, in case you get any pervert ideas)

Me: Where do you go at night?

R: Clubs..

Me: Owh..which clubs did you go to?

R: *bleeped out for security purposes* and i come back at 4 in the morning.

Me: You come back by bus?

R: Yeah, we go by tube, and then come back by bus. Its fun, but its a really bad habit...missed their classes..that's why im asleep when you come back..

Me: *Lies there pondering*

So you go to clubs. You realise its a bad habit, missing classes, sleeping all day, etc. So why do it at all?

Ok, its fun, is that justification for missing out on paid-for education and missing out on what could be a productive day? And sleeping through Fajr prayers, that's even more severe.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Have you touched anything and suddenly you feel electrocuted? Erm, maybe that wasn't the right word. Have you ever had an electric shock touching normal stuff like a gate or your brother?

I have. Lots and lots of times.

While opening the gate at my house. While touching the car door. Touching the metal grids of a Tesco trolley. Accidentally bumping into my brother at One Utama in front of Rotiboy, i think.

I realised this phenomena whilst washing dishes after eating a 1 pound pizza bought at 1.30 pm at Iceland, sprinkled with sausages.

Figure 2: Hand touched the sink

Figure 3: Hand pulls away from shock impact

I tried searching it out on credible academic sources (Wikipedia) and typed out 'electric shock while touching normal stuff' on Google,but the closest i got to it was 'static electricity', which is "usually caused when certain materials are rubbed against each other, like wool on plastic or the soles of shoes on carpet. The process causes electrons to be pulled from the surface of one material and relocated on the surface of the other material.
A static shock occurs when the surface of the second material, negatively charged with electrons, touches a positively-charged conductor, or vice-versa
', whatever that is.

Why do these things happen to me? Or do all of you get it too? Maybe i'm an attractive material that pulls electrons easily. heheh.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

L'Parc Disneyland

If you go to only one place in France, make sure its Disneyland Paris.


Because you'll feel like a kid again XD

Unfortunately, we went during winter, so it was effing freezing.

Fortunately, we got a student discount for the tickets. 42 euros for 2 parks isn't a bad thing.

Unfortunately,our legs were already falling off by the time we got on anything.

But it was seriously cool. Have you ever been on a roller coaster that starts off like a rocket? or a roller coaster that plays Aerosmith while you scream? No?

Then you definitely definitely need to visit Disneyland.

And it made me feel like a kid again, just like it made me feel like a kid 13 years ago..*sob2* :)