Monday, January 25, 2010


Today is one of those days where you don't have the energy to do anything, just because you've had too much sleep.

I woke up at 8 (arghhh..noooo) and then, finding no reason to wake up, slept.

Woke up at 9.15. Snoozed

Woke up at 10. Snoozed.

Woke up at 11. Snoozed.

Woke up close to 12 and decided to enjoy the 4 1/2 hours of sunshine left during this long winter.

Seriously, snooze must be the most destructive invention ever after nuclear bombs and baked beans.

But ironically, even after getting all that sleep i just didn't have the energy to do something productive. No reading

Not even lifting weights

And then i skyped a bit (there's always energy to chat) :)

And then Yazid came to visit Butlers Wharf (rarely anyone comes here, sob3). He couldn't stand my room's *ehem2* 'lack of tidyness' because i think he has OCD, so we decided to go outside and grab a bite.

On the way from my hall to London Bridge, you can see these things:

1) Statues of indecent Londoners (i think its the Western version of 7 Puteri mandi2)

2) City Hall @ Mayor's office @ The Glass Gonad

3) HMS Belfast, a battleship turned museum

Finally, fresh air. Then we ate greasy fried wings and chips, which constitutes 1/3 of my diet nowadays.

Now I feel refreshed!!!! (dance) After this blog post, i'll start studying. Probably. Or after facebook. Or after this song on Youtube. Too many distractions lah. No wonder im exhausted.

p/s: Goodluck to people getting their AS results tomorrow!! :))


Yazid Fauzi said...


i saw my name!haha
(siap OCD lg?apa kes??)

btw,keep up ur blog.keep updating!
hope after this you will be more productive!=D

The Author said...

yazid, OCD 2 cmpliment.hahaha