Friday, January 22, 2010

Made beautiful to humans what they covet

This conversation happened one day in the evening, when i was trying to get some sleep and it so happened that my roommate was trying to get some sleep too, cause when i sleep at night he's never home but when i wake up, he's sleeping and when i come back from classes, he's still asleep. (This conversation was me on my bed, him on his bed, in case you get any pervert ideas)

Me: Where do you go at night?

R: Clubs..

Me: Owh..which clubs did you go to?

R: *bleeped out for security purposes* and i come back at 4 in the morning.

Me: You come back by bus?

R: Yeah, we go by tube, and then come back by bus. Its fun, but its a really bad habit...missed their classes..that's why im asleep when you come back..

Me: *Lies there pondering*

So you go to clubs. You realise its a bad habit, missing classes, sleeping all day, etc. So why do it at all?

Ok, its fun, is that justification for missing out on paid-for education and missing out on what could be a productive day? And sleeping through Fajr prayers, that's even more severe.