Wednesday, November 2, 2011

on using every second for good

What do we talk about when we meet each other?



"How's studies? OK?"

"Yeah, it has ups and downs, but everything's good man."

"How bout you?"

"I had an internship over the summer. It was awesome."

we are, i must admit, boring people.

What do the Sahabah say to each other?

There was this one time when Ibnu Rawaahah r.a held the hand of Abu ad-Dardaa' r.a and said:
"تعال نؤمن ساعة ان القلب اسرع تقلبا من القدر اذا استجمعت غليانا"

"Come, let us have iman for a moment. Verily the heart changes faster than the contents of a boiling kettle"
maybe in sounds better in malay : Marilah kita beriman sejenak. Sesungguhnya hati lebih cepat berbolak-balik daripada isi periuk yang sedang menggelegak.

Now that is awesome. They talk to each other about the things that are important. "How is your iman (belief)", "did you do good deeds today", "please remind me of Allah".

Even the first thing that we would be asked in the grave is ما ربك, who is your Lord.

And the stories we hear about the Sahabah are not stories about their professions, what businesses they did, how they made money etc. Instead we hear about their legendary deeds, like the 3 people who were dying on the battlefield, and one of them was given water to quench his thirst. He declined and said

"give it to my companion"

the second person also declined and said to give the water to his companion.

the 3rd person also asked to give the water to his companion.

In the end all of them died, preferring their friends over themselves.

Maybe the sahabah knew that we have no time to lose, like Allah says

"The Day they see it, (it will be) as if they had not tarried (in this world) except an afternoon or a morning." (An-Nazi'aat : 46)

On Judgment Day, we will feel as if we spent only one afternoon on Earth.

So find good friends who understand the purpose of life.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a line from muntalaq. Is it so? I'm not sure though. Enlightening entry thanks jzkk.