Sunday, April 17, 2011

on my home for imaginary headbangs

Lots of things can make us want to bang our head on the wall.

Of course, nobody actually does it, they'll have concussions and go to hospital and get warded a few weeks and eventually the hospital bill will drive them up another wall and the vicious cycle continues.
Humans and our imaginary bangs on imaginary walls. The field of imagination is larger than the field of talking, talking is bigger than action, action is bigger than jihad (doing something to the fullest exertion) and jihad is bigger than jihad that is actually productive.

How many people imagine and daydream, but how few actually act, and even fewer are productive.

Back to my imaginary bang on my imaginary wall. Today my external hard drive has gone 'cuckoo!' When its plugged into the computer and idle, nothing happens. But when I started doing stuff on it (I.e transferring files) it self-ejected. And after a few seconds it reconnected. Self-eject again. Connect again *headbang*

The hard drive that played peek-a-boo. sounds like the title of a children's storybook.

The walls may be imaginary, but the test of patience is real. Or is it a test of other things? Because this whole
life is a test for the believer.

"(He is) the One who created death and life to test you, which of you is the best in deeds.." (Al Mulk:2)

Patience,patience. Fuh fuh

But there are lots of pictures on the drive..

But there are lots of books on it..

But there are lots of stuff on it for your happy circle..

Get a grip ikmal.

This reminds me of another story: the little red laptop who played peek-a-boo. Some time ago my laptop kept shutting down. Then I awakened, and realised there are certain, how would you say, 'unsavoury' items on my laptop. I did some spring cleaning, and hey presto! The laptop ceased to 'merajuk'.

'Bro, you've said some crazy things, but this is too much. If a laptop's broke, send it to low yat lah. How could being good repair your laptop??!! Pigidah'

I said the truth and nothing but the truth, mr.alter ego. God has control over all things, organic and electronic.

Let's purify ourselves :-)

"O you who is shrouded! Arise, so warn. And your Lord, so magnify. And your garments, so purify." (Al muddassir:1-4)

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