Tuesday, March 8, 2011

on my dad, my hero

We have a very special occasion today on this blog.

It's the birthday of my dearest dad, Mr. Ahmad Nordin bin Mohammad :DDD

Once i was in class and we were asked to translate our names, and mine was 'The Praised and Perfecting son of The Praised Light of Religion', so my dad's name should be

'The Praised Light of Religion son of The Praised One'


My dad was born on the 8th March 19** (this is an area of contention for most people), and i'd like to keep the year a secret because a lot of people confuse my dad for my brother and he likes it like that. Either he looks young or i look old, preferably the former. -.-

I remember when i was in MRSM Kuala Klawang, every time i went home for the weekend he'd always drive me back to school, eventhough the roads were like ular kena palu (snakes knocked by something). He was so used to the road that he knew how many bends there were (almost 100, if im not mistaken).

And i remember him saying why he loved his job, and one of the reasons was that it wasn't so demanding, and in the evenings he could come back home and have dinner with the whole family, and during weekends he has time off and could take us for a day out :')

And i remember him emphasizing that we receive religious education, sending us to sekolah agama (religious school), and keeping an immaculate watch whether we have prayed, or are we still in front of tv watching Doraemon.

People say that parents are the best murabbi (educator), and in my case i feel that is 100% true :) Our dads are our heroes, because no matter how crooked things get, great dads always drive you down the road :)

From left: baba, me, ihsan. This was not a ninja conference, it was piggy flu
This is the longest birthday card to my dad ever, so

Happy **th birthday Baba!! hehe
- from Along


Inche gabbana said...

eh, pastikan ayah anda sediakan dua buah baldi if he's gonna read this, just in case.

aku yg kat sini baca pon dah terharu.. hohohoh..

p/s: nnt my besday kena buat post yg similar la kan..? eh ke tak tau my besday bile..? :O

The Author said...

inche gabbana lahir 26 julai kan? pastikan anda sediakan 5 buah baldi!! hohoho..motif nk suruh org buatkan post, kn dah diragui keikhlasan diri ini ;p

ikmal.ihsan.izhar.ilham said...

'meninnggalkan suatu perbuatan kerana takut riya' adalah riya'


AinAin said...

wooo tarikh bday ayah kita same!.:DD

AinAin said...
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