Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On birthday week

Its been birthday week for the past week :D

Today its happy 13th birthday for mohamad ilham bin ahmad nordin! :)))

Out of all my siblings, there are two who were internationals (born outside malaysia, internationals just sounds cool B-)). Yours truly, and ilham,who was born in ghana (pronounced geaaa-na)

I also remember the day he was born. I was 7 years old, ihsan was 4 years old. Remember, up until that time it was only the both of us (refer previous post). On the morning of 15th march 1998, we woke up and our cousin (we went to ghana with mak ngah, pak ngah jamal and their two children) told us that mama had gone to hospital.

oh, why were we in ghana? My dad was working for TV3(yes, THE TV3, only back then there was no sureheboh, less nonsense, and the CEO didn't appear in every photograph). Soon we were brought to Trust Hospital, that's like a big hospital in Accra. I remember being excited that we had a new member of the family *i seem to get easily excited at everything, don't i* :))

From then on, ilham became our adik beksh.

Transformation flow:
Adik baby--->adik bebe--->adik beksh

I remember we used to sing a lot to him when he was a baby, songs like

Baba: gudboy je baby!
Me and ihsan: je gudboy je baby!

Hahahahaha..sounds silly when you write the song. Maybe you will meet me one day and ask me to sing it, then you will know how to sing to children (my dad has a whole album of self-made songs). Heehee.

Of all my siblings, ilham was the easiest to manage and bring up. When he was a baby, he just sat quietly and smiled at people. When he got older, he stayed with that mild temperament, getting along well with people, being quietly inquisitive *i, on the other hand, screamed a lot when I was a little boy. Alhamdulillah now I'm more tenang 'calm'*

He likes to read, and is very careful with money *my mum loves that trait ;)* we wanted him to go into mrsm, because its better than SBP *winkwink* he wanted to go to a more 'religious' school. Incidentally, now there's a tahfiz program for certain mrsm, which means we got all that we wished for.

Maybe that is a preparation for what the future holds. Expecting big things, ilham. Big things.

Happy birthday!! :D
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nadia said...

ilham pandai berjimat!!hehe

The Author said...

mmg, klu bg duit mmg xkn habis -.-

nadia said...

bijak giller!