Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on please wake me up at 10 on mondays, 9 on tuesdays, 10 on wednesdays, and don't let me sleep on fridays. thursday is public holiday.

I love Tuesdays. Because the 2 hours between Finance class and Economics lecture are very serene, almost fluffy-like.

"By the dhuha (after sun-rise) (1) And by the night when it is still (2)" (Ad Dhuha:1-2)

"Demi waktu Duha. Dan malam apabila ia sunyi sepi"

Since that surah was sent down to calm the Prophet, God begins with two times when it is most peaceful and most conducive to meditation/calm thinking/purposeful reflection/(blogging?).
That is, assuming we're actually awake during Dhuha. And this has been a major problem for me recently. After sunrise, i resume with my 'tidur sekejap' (bit of sleep) wishfully thinking that 1 hour of sleep would be enough, i could get up and go to LSE which takes 30 minutes door-to-door. On some days, i do get up and go to LSE, only to sleep in class, which defeats the purpose of class. Unless the purpose is to defeat the warning emails from your academic adviser. You see, LSE has a peculiar performance measure for students' attendance. Miss one class, and its ok. Miss two classes, and you receive a warning letter. So what happens often on attendance lists is this:
papa,papa. Suddenly i remember pappa roti and roti boy, so hungry lah.
Still not enough tarbiyyah i guess. The Companions used to sleep little at night and yet when it was time for Dawn Prayers they would have fresh and alert faces. 'Umar r.a used to say that he if he sleep during the day, he forgets his people, and if sleeps at night he forsakes God, so how could he sleep? I think that if 'Umar was still alive he'd smash the snooze button to oblivion.
Or do i sleep because my interest in my subjects have become slack? Possibly.
Enjoy your fluffy morning :-)


Anonymous said...

Slowly, we will be able to train ourself to be like the companions inshaAllah.

Today's motto, sleep less, work harder!

Unknown said...

kalamkalbu: insyaallah, the process is long, but little by little will become a mountain (sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit)

yes! sleep less! :D