Saturday, January 23, 2010

Realizations :)

Yesterday a band of brothers from around London and Portsmouth gathered together at Finsbury Park mosque to hold a qiyamullail (literally 'waking/standing up at night', correct me if im wrong)

Because in our busy worldly schedule, we must remember that this world, and everything in it, was created by the Almighty. What better way to show gratefulness than to sacrifice our sleep (which is very very nice) and pray, but of course not many of us are capable of doing that.

And then in the morning we all had a breakfast of Nasi Lemak =) and teh tarik:

Which was quite spicy my tongue turned a brighter red (i was thinking of putting a photo here, but for the sake of humanity decided against it).

Makan sampai licin

Then after Zuhr i went back home but before that, stopped at the best place for eating grilled chicken, Griller's @ Finsbury Park.

This stuff is seriously good. You know places in KL where we can get really nice briyani like Insaf at Jalan TAR? That's like nasi goreng here. Exaggerations intended, but that's what Mr Ravi told me once, and i thought he was talking crap.

After Nasi Lemak and Grilled Chicken and probably thousands of calories (most of us went for basketball in the morning, but i stayed and slept, for i hadn't slept i'd have written nonsense in here), i finally went home sweet home.

Oh yeah, thank you to Hafidz for transferring ownership of these Clarks shoes for only 8 pounds (FACTORY OUTLET PRICE 20 pounds):

Now that i think of it, its kinda funny. We were in a factory outlet store the other day helping Akmal find shoes for his parents. I saw these shoes and i thought i wanted to buy them, but since Hafidz wanted them i said ok, go ahead and i didn't buy them cause that would make either of us un-unique.

But suddenly on Tuesday he asked me whether i wanted to buy the shoes (he only wore it what, 5 times?) for 10 pounds and i said '8 pounds, ko dsperate nk jual kn..hahaha' and that's how i got my new second-hand shoes ;) It still looks new to me, and i got it for less. Life has sometimes weird and unexpected ways of turning out. Praise the Almighty :))


Anonymous said...

peh..terliur tngok nasi..