Monday, January 19, 2009

How ironic?

Tension of opposites- Torn between two choices that are in two different directions.
Watching Juara Lagu yesterday night, i can't help but to notice a tension of opposites. 

1. In the beginning, everyone was asked to recite al-Fatihah for the Palestinians who were being oppressed by the Zionist regime. Sure, it's good to spare a thought and to grieve for our brothers and sisters there. But reciting al-Fatihah is not just humanitarian, its Islamic.

The opposite? Juara Lagu itself. Fans cheering and shouting, aurat open here and there, etc.. it's just plain inappropriate. After the 'spare-a-thought' moment it's back to cheering. They seem to be able to defy the laws of the universe and mix opposites together.  

2. In the opening of one of the songs, there was a backdrop of children in the Middle East, their suffering.. anyone seeing those children would melt, and those of us in the TV room probably thought 'this could turn out to be a decent song about humanity'. But on comes the dancers, women(with hair exposed) and men alike, and the singer in his richly exotic costume. 

As somebody who didn't live centuries ago and since i am not a scholar on Ancient Egypt, i can only give my unprofessional view. But it did look like something that came from the Pharaoh Era. Humanitarian crisis=pharaoh-like performance? Not.

I was not the only one. The others watching yesterday in the room were stunned by the above scenarios. Maybe the organisers felt no tension in mixing opposites, but we did. Curiouser and curiouser, the world is.    


kz said...

i didnt saw how it goes,
but what to say..
we're simply living in an irony world..