Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Why do people run for elections? After watching the student council manifesto process last night, i can give 3 reasons:
a. To provide for the greater good of society..well,that's what they all say anyway
b. To continue where others have failed (or nearly failed)
c. To give us bloggers something to rant about

This was my first impression of public reception:
So much for political awareness. (this makes everything look bleak)

But my initial impression was proven wrong..the seats were full soon afterwards.

The candidates had some interesting proposals, although their chosen portfolios seemed pretty much manifesto-less on the surface. (if i was running for secretary, the only thing i could think of is 'i promise to write excellent reports')

Secretary wannabees: One of them wanted to change the college song (i couldn't even remember the lyrics of current one) because it sounds primary school-ish and one of them community center for the all-important community service in DOE.

Sports exco candidates: They had one thing in common: 'increase the number of games'. That, and the difficult promise of trying to maintain the bicycles (i once rode on a bicycle and the seat almost fell off EVERYTIME i braked).

Treasurer hopefuls: What can i say? Their job was just to look trustworthy enough to manage the tax payers' money. Although one of them (i can proudly admit she's my petsister) did come up with an interesting idea: to install an ATM in college.

After that i went back to continue watching Heroes.;)

We know how politicians are. If half their election promises are fulfilled, that would be excellent. So it's not really about how good your campaign is, its about how good you are. May the best person win. =)

The soon-to-be-former president, unaware that this picture is going right in my blog (its dark because of my camera):