Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Total Oppression

*the following conversation maybe fiction or not, depending on your perspective

An Israeli Foreign Minister and a Defense Minister met up, and had a conversation over a cup of tea. Their conversation would probably look like this:

FM (Foreign Minister) : These Palestinians are bugging me. They're disrupting our creation of a peaceful Zion.

DM (Defense Minister) : Come on, let's bomb them.

FM : What?

DM : You heard what i said, bomb them. Military, civilians, it doesn't matter.

FM : But if we do that, the world will hate us. That could prove costly in our efforts to maintain the Jewish homeland.

DM : Hate. Condemnation. That's about all the world can do. *winks* Even America, with all its weapons and power, can't do anything to stop us. They're not going to do the same to us like they did to Iraq or Iran. We have our people everywhere, remember that.

FM : So you have a plan to paralyse Palestine? I mean, we've been doing that for the past 60+ years, but they keep coming.

DM : You know how Hamas has been throwing rockets at us? Yes, we have rocket warning systems and the casualties are small, but its enough of an excuse to launch an all-out attack on them. I'm thinking of attacking Gaza. We use Hamas as an excuse, saying we are trying to eliminate their fighters, who, for some reason, are hiding among civilians.

FM : Wait a minute, then you are saying..

DM : Yes, as i said we bomb indiscriminately. Bomb their buildings. With the economic sanctions they face, it would take a long time to rebuild their infrastructures. Attack their civilians. We could always say that this is an act of self-defense. I have a name for it already. 'Operation Cast Lead'.

FM : I see..this may be a credible idea. And if the world shows sympathy over the suffering and deaths, i'll just say this is part of the war on terrorism, and the ironic part is we're using terror ourselves *smirks*

DM : And with the borders sealed, into Israel and into Egypt, they won't have anywhere to run. The world will react sooner or later, but by then the damage will be done. *flashes an evil grin*

FM : Plan the attacks. I'll deal with the foreign work. See you later then. Shalom.

DM : Shalom.

May Allah save Palestine.