Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Theme Park Fever (continued)

My initial feeling upon reaching Movieworld is one of unabashed excitement. There was a big Movieworld gateway before entering the carpark,and i could see all the tempting rides inside. =)

There were a few flags hoisted in front of the park, and one of them was:

Yes, our Jalur Gemilang. And rightly so, because the place was full with Malaysian tourists, getting a piece of Hollywood on the gold coast.

Let's take a peek inside =)

Once you enter, the first thing that greets you is a towering menace, the Batwing Spaceshot. I looked at it and thought 'Hey, this seems harmless..i can't hear screams' and gave it a try. I guessed wrongly. The ride propels you upward at 4.5 G,followed by a freefall, and people can't hear the screams because you're so high up. It's an amazing ride.

Walking around in Movieworld feels like being in a movie set (what else?) There are movie characters taking a stroll on the streets, shops styled after movies (there's a Harry Potter shop and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory store..that sells Cadbury instead of Willy Wonka chocs)

And of course, there are shows all day long, where you can watch, among other things, a Looney Tunes dance-off. (amazing how these places make you feel unashamed to be a kid again) But for me, the real attractions of the park are the awesome thrill rides, again inspired by movies. One of the best roller coasters i've ever rode on is this:

The Superman Escape. From a stop, 'superman' pushes you upward at a speed of..well, it made me scream my pants off, followed by a nearly vertical drop. Another scream-filled ride is the Lethal Weapon, a hanging coaster that has non-stop loops, dives, and every other imaginable twist on the track. Non-stop screams. Crazy.

A totally different kind of ride is the Shrek 4D adventure, kind of 3D with added effects (water, moving seats, etc) Everything in this theme park is so fun! So if you get the opportunity, do come here =)

And i give the same advice here. You wont want to miss any of the rides, so come as soon as the park opens at 10. And the park also has a small surau (in the middle of a bazaar-themed set)