Thursday, December 4, 2008

There's a Barber and a Butcher

Not wanting to look like a Beatles' band member, i decided to get a haircut. Not far, just walking distance.

The guy cutting my hair wore a mask. U know, the ones they wear in a haze or a SARS attack. Before me, there was 1 more customer. So i waited and read some newspapers, namely Kosmo!. I rarely read tabloids, cause its not what i'd consider real news. Its all just sensational. On the front cover: The Norman Hakim-Abby Abadi showdown. Some new artiste couple on the verge of breaking up. See? No news.

Then it was my turn. The masked man first lifted his mask and spit into the rubbish bin.*urghh* I pretended i didnt see.

'Belakang, tepi slope, atas potong pendek sikit je'

And he started work on my hopeless, unorganised hair. You know, sometimes it feels so good, you just wanna doze off. I think i dozed off a few times. It must have felt like forever for the guy after me(there was only one hair-cutter in the shop).

Then i woke up and looked at the mirror.

There's a barber and a butcher.

I went to the wrong shop.