Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

And happiness comes in the form of discounts, they say. Before that, let me tell a story:

"Once upon a time, there were two friends. Let's call them I and H. They went to an orientation program organised by a central bank of a Southeast Asian country. To cut a long story short, H had no shoes with him, and out of desperation borrowed I's leather shoes, a size 9 which was probably too big for H. Out of the question.

To cut this short story shorter, the program ended, and I unfortunately forgot all about the shoes. Unfortunately for him, H forgot too, and left the shoes in a comfortable hotel room. Oops. And when I phoned the hotel they had the nerve to not call back. There goes the shoes. Double oops. Luckily H is a decent young fellow who promised to reimburse whatever amount is needed to buy new shoes (with an upper limit of RM 130). Hooray! The End."

And so we go back to the story of discounts. Like a miracle, a flyer dropped into my postbox yesterday:

80% discount? Now that's happiness :) So this morning i went with my dearest mom to the coveted warehouse sale, to provide relief for H's pocket in these trying times. And i found what I came for: affordable yet comfortable shoes. They range from RM60 to 130, and i'm talking about brands like Hush Puppies. I'm surprised at how uncrowded it was at the sale.

After a little bit of looking around, i settled on a pair that would bring a smile to my face (it was worth the price) and a smile on H's face (it was well below his price range). I love win-win situations. =) And besides shoes, there are a number of other clothing items on sale. But no, you can't haggle for lower prices, they're already cheap compared to boutique prices.

The sale will be held until 4th of January. Calling all bargain hunters! The warehouse sale is located at 2nd floor, Dataran Hamodal, Jalan 13/4 Petaling Jaya (behind the Colgate-Palmolive building). Happy hunting ;)