Monday, December 1, 2008

The Day I..Arrrghhhhh

Driving test. 2 words that could induce panic and nervousness among the unlicensed masses. Just hearing it makes my palms sweat. Darn it.

Woke up at 6.20. Showered. Went to the pick-up point at 7. Here's a conversation snippet between Abang Mat, the driver of the van and Mr.X, a repeat candidate.

Abang Mat: tengok flyover ni. Panjang sangat. Patut boleh potong separuh, jimat berpuluh juta.
Mr.X : tula. jimat berpuluh juta blh bagi saya.
Abg Mat: Berjuta-juta tu, x hbs makan. Ni semua salah *an ex-JKR minister*, bazir duit rakyat.

And that was a snippet of grassroots opinion on politicians who lack planning and integrity. Yes, its not totally the politicians' fault, but since they are the public face of the Government, the public's blame is on them. With great power, comes great responsibility.

Ok, moving on to my driving test. Reached the test venue at 8 something. Waited. And more waiting. Looked at my watch:
An hour later, i still havent registered. The wait was agonising.

After more waiting, it was finally my turn :) Got into the car and grabbed the wheel with sweat-filled hands. Prayed that my hands wouldnt slip.

JPJ Test, Bahagian 2

Hill : Went smoother than i expected. :D

Parking and 3-point turn: I think i hit the divider 2 times,and i was thinking 'there goes my 14-hours of lessons', but the officer either didnt see or had a lot of sympathy in him. Lucky me :)

JPJ Test, Bahagian 3

After the road original L license..

Remained an L license..because i failed miserably. The JPJ officer was an iron faced woman who could have been in a Terminator movie (exaggeration intended). She gave me chills, and i couldnt think that properly. I failed to brake when the car slid downhill, and the officer-without hesitation-gave me a telling off, and a big tick in the 'Kandas' box. Wasnt even on the real road yet. Frustration mounted to a climactic level..arghhhhh

But the timing was in a way perfect. The BNM program taught me, among other things, to 'learn from mistakes'.

I dont want to be a sore loser. So there's nothing else to do except being optimistic. ;))