Monday, November 24, 2008

Parents day

Date : 2 days ago
Time : 11 something
Venue : Great Hall of Lembah Beringin

In KYUEM, we have a parents day on the last day of each semester. U know, that day when you have to sit with your parents in front of your teachers. And discuss your progress. And your behaviour in class is kantoi-ed. ;p

My teachers' report was:

Mr K: "absolutely no comments"..i assume thats good

Mr. Highton: "He plays Hamlet, he dances..but his maths is hopeless" (in a very serious tone)
(Then he moves on to talk about my real maths performance, which was fairly good)
*after tht,he looks at me and says* "its ok, u can give me the money later..all these praises for just RM200..its good isnt it?"
haha..dear old mr.highton..
Ms.Zai : "He's the next Keynes"..kidding ;p
Dr Foord: "How do you think you're doing?"
Me: "fairly good, but i need to improve"
Dr.Foord: "that's a standard answer."
p/s: everybody else also gave a standard answer. :)
Conclusion : My parents were quite happy with ths semester's results..and that's important, making ur parents happy =D
to those who were bashed by their teachers during parents day, dont worry..b optimistic..everything has to get worse before it gets better..ganbatte!! :)
Now, 1 more semester to go..cepatnya.......