Monday, November 24, 2008

What To Do if You're Home and Bored

Its that time of the year holidays. :D
In college, we look forward to going back.
But at home, we get bored..and for some reason, everyone goes into 'malas mode', our books tucked away safely in some conveniently hidden shelf, waiting for last-minute perusing (the author is also guilty of this)
Gosh, we're hard to satisfy, aren't we?

If you're wondering how to fill your holidays with meaningful joy *snicker*, try these (compiled from Holiday Fillers for Dummies.. hihi):

1. Write a blog
-Blogging may be a bit time consuming (ok, i sat blogging for almost 3 hours last nite), but hey, u have a lot of time at, you can that deadened creative brain the work out it needs :) For cool blog templates and widgets for your blog, check out

2. Help your mom
-Yes. There's no better time to prove to your mum that ur not just 'menghabiskan beras'. Bring a smile to her face. :) There's a host of things you can do(sleeping until noon is not one of them). For example, this morning i helped clean the toilet: =D

the author, brushing away s**t

3. Surf the net

- Go online. make friends on facebook. chat. do something useful on the Web(like blogging). Or if you love the printed word, read the book that has collected dust in the bookshelf. But stay away from adult websites k? ;)

4. Video Games

- If the above is not for you, then do what my brothers do: play games for hours.

Warning: The author is not liable for any naggings and hurt ears that may result from excessive gaming. :)