Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

I went out for teatime with my family today.

And with that short introduction, let me introduce you to one of the best places to have popiah basah =) :

Figure 1:'Medan Selera' Pasar Section 14, PJ

This place looks gloomy and unappetizing?

No, its not. The gloom is caused by my low-tech camera..hehe. It happens to house a small popiah basah stall, and believe me, the popiah is delicious. :)

The unassuming,yet so scrumdiddlyumptious

The stall is run by an indian muslim guy. During Ramadhan, he sells popiah at the Section 14 Ramadhan Bazaar. But be warned: during Ramadhan, there's a 45-minute queue, longer than trying to get on a theme park ride.(45 minutes IF you're lucky). Yes, its that popular.

That's what im talking about :)

If this looks appetising to you, head to Pasar Section 14, PJ. RM1 would seem a bit expensive for popiah basah, but hey, at least its cheaper than teatime at Starbucks.

Then we went to One Utama to find a new digicam. (My brother unwittingly lost the old one at school).

The author, proud advertiser for THE house of glory

But the cameras in bukit bintang were cheaper, so in the end we left without buying.

And by some twist of fate, we ended up in Home-Fix D.I.Y. Its amazing how these DIY people manage to come up with all sorts of partly-necessary 'gadgets' to help us part with our money, like this magazine-and-tissue holder:

I guess you use the magazine when you run out of toilet paper.

If only i had this during DOE..

But unfortunately..

If only i had that kind of money..huhu

Before going home, we bought mexican coffee buns at ROTIBOY. Coffee on the outside, butter on the inside..pure heaven =D

And that was the end of my short outing..anyways, feels good to be spending time with your family :)


Anonymous said...

omg. popia basah. rndu2. huaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ =(

The Author said...

hehe..rindu ye?
nnt i'll airpost to vanderbilt..;p