Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Last Dinner for The Penultimate Semester

Time flies when ur having fun..its been almost a year in kyuem..a fantastic year, of course, but nevertheless its sad to live life in the fast lane and not fully notice the wonderful things around you..


i wont go emo just yet


there's a lot of things to be said for the end-of-sem dinner =D


the food: nasi lemak ayam berempah..kuey teow penang..yong taw foo..need i say anymore?

however, there were 8 stalls n 400 students. according to economics, when demand exceeds supply (the kuey teow guy 'goreng' each plate individually, u know) there is a shortage..

n tht means..

major queues..

luckily my tablemates agreed on a form of division of labour.

b'youte: nasi lemak for 8 people

chakoy: pasembor " " "

ikmal: supposed to take nasi lemak tapi b'youte dh ambik dulu

it was smthng like that.

n our table was laden wth food..(i thnk it made the neighbours jealous..sorry guys, we had more efficiency)

banyak gler makanan..

HOme Video Awards: no prizes 4 guessing the winner..'golden cage' won so many awards, i lost count..anyways, congrats to tiger n oggy..hope to see your commercials on TV soon :)

Isa's Band: Luurve it. U gotta hand it to the Garage Band Geeks..its true Isa, Slash would hv been Nithi if he was darker..haha(no offense Nithi). And Isa's been singing that song almost everyday when he was my chaletmate last semester.*imagine coming out of the bathroom hearing an acapella 'Sweet Child of Mine'* I guess it was a dream come true 4 Isa to become an Axl Rose impersonator..haha..*applause*
Cultural Performance: This, for me, was THE highlight of the night (ok, i performed in it, thats why) i was nervous as hell weyh. i kept asking nantini 'nan, bila nk pg backstage?' well, u know us kiasus. must b punctual all the time ;P
the performance kicked off with a nice and slow zapin dance. and then a ribbons-and-fans chinese dance to the tune of a funky jay chow song..imrul created a fanclub by being the only ribbon guy..(i jokingly asked him for an autograph later..hihi)
n then
my debut moment
the indian dance!!:)
the guys were datuk shah rukh khan wannabees..and the girls were dancing like kareena kapoor.
*nach baliye..*
oops..the song is in my head.
it was that fun..and i had the time of my life dancing :)
mr highton said i could be an indian dancer if i dont wanna study..haha
(sorry..angkat bakul byk sgt)
Now im malas lets wrap it up.
western dance: superb
british students' performance: ermm...
All-in-all, it was a great dinner..thanks 4 organising it aainaa :)