Friday, May 17, 2013

The Secret.

The most random (read : brilliantly destined) things seem to be the topics of this blog over the past few post.

Today my immediate boss sent an email titled 'I know you can' (as in, i know you can do it). And in the email there was no text, just an attachment labelled 'Attributes of a supervisor'.

Thank you, mr. J. I appreciate the encouragement *grin*.

The attributes are :

Attribute of supervisor

·         Achievement oriented
·         Strong sense of commitment
·         Perseverance
·         Good communication skills (oral and written)
·         Good analytical skills
·         Good understanding of applicable laws, rules and regulations
·         Proactive
·         Good knowledge in insurance operations and practices
·         Well informed on latest developments in Insurance
·         General knowledge in IT and ability to use basic IT applications
·         Matured and able to make constructive and appropriate judgement
·         Focused mindset
·         Objective and transparent
·         Strong sense of accountability
·         Value-add to auditees
·         Ability to adapt to changing environment
·         Concern for order
·         Problem solving skills
·         Decision making skills
·         Diligence
·         Courteous, tactful but firm
·         Not arrogant nor too demanding
·         Maintain secrecy at all times
·         Avoid situations of conflict of interest
·         Maintain good working relationships
·         Teamwork and cooperation

 Behaviour of supervisor

·         Observe code of conduct:
–         Dignity
–         Personal honour
–         Honesty
–         Integrity
–         Punctual
·         Approachable
·         Focused and cool
·         Avoids arguments
·         Always offer suggestions for improvement
·         Value add to auditee - give reasons why and ways to improve 

If every supervisor had these attributes, then i think that all women would want to marry supervisors. Just think about it. 'Avoids arguments', 'maintain secrecy at all times', 'not arrogant nor too demanding'.

See what i mean?

Anyways, the first thought that went through my mind while reading this was 

'Well, if you're a good da'ie (caller) you'll be a good supervisor".

No, that's not quite precise.

'If you're a good da'ie you'll be a good EVERYTHING'. =DDDDDDD

Good communication skills. This is an obvious trait that you'll build, if you spend half your time trying to 'fish' people out of their mudholes out into the light.

Honesty. In the 'house of brothers' (crude translation of Rumah Ikhwah) that i stayed in previously, there were bottles and bottles full of coins. Why? Because there were lots of spare coins lying around the house, but no one dared to pick them up for personal use. 

See what i mean?

When you're a good da'ie with a solid foundation of iman and rigorous education that perfects your characteryou'll be even better than superman (because du'at wear modest clothing, definitely no undergarments on the outside).

When asked about the most important thing going into the 'working phase', a senior of mine didn't tell us to get good qualifications, or satisfy bosses, or save lots of money. He said

"Take care of your da'wah and tarbiyah. Then other things will fall into place. If you chase after other things hoping to become 'stable' before you start D&T, you will never be stable".

How true, how true.


Paan said...

Mind = Blown
Never actually thought about this. Haha