Friday, May 10, 2013

sky juice

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10.30 a.m

Mr X : "lunch at lanai today? I'll belanja this time"
Me    : "Sure"

"Let's call first la, order in advance"
"any drinks/desserts?"
"We'll order over there"

Close to 12.00 pm

Boss calls for pep talk.

12.30 p.m.

Legs start to move on their own, mind starts to ride on a flying cloud all the way to lanai.

"let's go for jumu'ah!!!"

12.45 p.m.

Pretend to do hand exercises whilst actually stealing a glance at my watch.

12.55 p.m 

Run off to Lanai which is actually 5-10 minutes away (the adhan for Zuhr is at 1.12pm). While walking fast under the midday sun, thought to myself 'didn't order any drinks would be nice to have a glass of Brain Power.'

Note : Back in my orientation days, we had a RM15 voucher for every dinnertime. So we could afford to have a main course and desserts, plus a glass of Brain Power (which is Banana + Milk + Honey, why they call it Brain Power beats me. maybe inspired from the Quranic verse "..and in it (honey) is medicine for people"?? wow...)

1.05 p.m.

I finally arrive at Lanai, with 10 minutes left before Jumu'ah. "minum air kosong je lah kot.."(looks like i'll have to drink plain water..)

I rush into the cafe and there was Mr. X, the dishes we ordered and

2 glasses of Brain Power. 

*shining eyes, choir says 'haaaaaa~' in the background*

"I didn't know you could read minds."

"I didn't order it. I just ordered one for me."


"..then suddenly they sent two".

Imagine how scrumdiddlyumptious drinks are in Paradise :D

it was as if the drink came down from the sky.

Rasulullah once said to Ibn Abbas, who was still a young boy at that time :

"..Therefore know, that if all the people come together to benefit you, they would not benefit you except by what Allah has decreed for you.

And if they come together to harm you, they would not harm you except by what Allah has decreed upon you.

The pens have been lifted and the scroll has dried." (HR Tirmidhi)

Rasulullah gave this advice to a young boy. What a great advice to give to someone just starting in life.

This event had a very powerful lesson.

Even if you are late, or broke, or suffering any other setback,

If allah says 'you shall have brain power', then you shall have brain power.

And if he says we shall have this amount of rizq, then that is what we'll get. So there is no need to run in the race like everyone else, doing everything to get a pay raise, fanning the bosses, making people's backs bleed and stooping low to chase after this dunya.

"So i dont have to do anything, just sit down and watch raja lawak"

No, thats not right either. We should work and put in effort, but do it with sincerity.

Just like rasulullah advised ibn abbas in the beginning of the hadeeth, 'take care of (your duties with) allah, he will take care of you. Take care of allah, you will find Him in front of you."