Sunday, May 5, 2013

the 70,000

From Ibnu Abbas, Rasulullah said : "The nations were brought before me. So I saw a prophet and with him was a small group. And a prophet and with him one or two men. And a prophet with no one with him. Then a black mass (of people) was raised before me, and i thought that they were my nation; it was said to me 'This is Musa and his people, but look at the horizon'. I looked and and there was another black mass of people. I was told 'look at another horizon', and there was another black mass of people.

therefore i was told 'This is your nation, and with them are

70,000 people who will enter jannah without hisab (accounting) and punishment.

And then he rose and entered his home. So the people talked about those who will enter jannah without hisab and punishment. Some of them said 'probably they are the companions of Rasulullah', and others said 'probably they are the ones born in islam and do not attribute partners with Allah' and others gave other reasons.

So Rasulullah came out and said 'what is it that you are talking about?' So they told him and he (SAW) said

'They are the ones who do not use incantations (menjampi), do not ask for incantations, do not believe in bad omens, and have tawakkul (trust) on Allah'.

So Ukkasyah bin Mihsan stood up and said 'pray to Allah to make me one of them'. Rasulullah said 'you are one of them'. Then another man stood up and said 'pray to Allah to make me one of them'. Rasulullah said 'Ukkasyah has overtaken you'. (Bukhari & Muslim)

Look at the attitude of Ukkasyah. Most of us would be thinking 'alamak, 70,000 je?' (Oh no, only 70,000?) There are already a billion muslims today. Add all the muslims from the time of rasulullah and there'd be, like, a gazillion muslims.'

But Ukkasyah stood up.

Straight up.

No hesitations on his mind. No doubts. No fears.

"Pray to Allah to make me one of them"

It's like saying 'i want to be one of those 70,000. I don't know how, but i'll put my full trust that Allah is capable of anything'.

Look at his high level of trust in Allah, which was why he deserved to be one of the 70,000.

Reformers and callers today need to have this attitude, to stand up and say 'yes i can do it insyaallah' and give it their best shot. Not to give in to excuses
'i can't write this, i'll be sued.'
'i can't do dakwah, wait until i work and have more money'.
'i can't, i don't have enough knowledge..although i could find time if i divorced with facebook'.

Just do your best and know that Allah will open a way.

Take Zaid bin Thabit. Rasulullah asked him to learn the Hebrew language, and he went straight to work. He was fluent in Hebrew in just 2 weeks.

How awesome is that.

So dream big. Maybe you're thinking 'no one turns up when i call for usrah, and you're saying islam will be dominant all over the world??' or 'i'm stuck in this 9 to 5 job, my blog is updated according to mood swings and you're saying we'll establish truthful media outlets someday??'

Don't worry. Work hard, and have faith.

What is in our heads now will be the reality in 10, 20 or a hundred years to come. Insyaallah.

p/s : to all my voting friends, happy voting :) Exciting isn't it, being part of history.