Friday, June 7, 2013

giving up? we've got a justification for that.

Hasan al-Banna, describing the da'ie (caller):

"يبذل كل ماله، وكل دمه،  وكل نفسه، في سبيل عقيدته التي امن بها وعاش اجلها"
"He sacrifices all his wealth, all his blood, and his ownself, to defend his aqeedah which he believes in, and which he lives for"

This statement is like someone knocking furiously on the heart, saying

"Hello, is anybody alive in there?"

Its easy for people to get lost in the race that never ends. Syaitan will always have an 'escape hatch' for people who don't really want to commit their lives to spreading the truth.

Escape hatch for students : My studies are too demanding, i have to write 40-page essays! I can't do da'wah at the same time

Escape hatch for working people : My workload is too demanding, i have to work weekends and my employer doesn't really like me being active. let me off just a teeeeeeny bit, please.

Escape hatch for retirees : I don't have any more energy, walking is becoming too demanding, you go on..

Escape hatch for dead people : ............

We accept these escape hatches and repeat them to ourselves. Then our hearts die, bit by bit. Our fiery souls slowly extinguish, drenched by a bucket of excuses.

And then we try to inflate the value of our insignificant deeds. We think we're doing a huge favour by doing the bare minimum of coming to circles, and we stop at that, not caring to do more.

"At least i come"

True. But realising our huge hopes for the ummah needs more than that.

If you really want something, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.