Wednesday, May 1, 2013

peace. stability. progress = ruin?

Umar r.a was asked :

"Can a country be ruined while it is harmonious/peaceful/developed?"

He said

" Yes, when the evil people have power over the good people".

This short statement reveals a lot about the depth of Umar's understanding of islam.

Firaun and his cronies were immensely wealthy and they could afford to undertake huge construction projects like the pyramids which probably had a positive impact on Egypt's GDP at that time. In material terms, egyptian civilisation was more 'transformative' than any modern transformation programme.

The people of Aad had huge and well-built physiques, they were strong and they thought themselves invincible.

But they rejected what Allah sent down, denied the messengers and followed their whims and desires. Firaun enslaved the children of Israel, and was arrogant, thinking that he had control over everything in his land.

" And Firaun called his people, saying ' Isn't the kingdom of Egypt mine, and these rivers flow underneath me? Do you not see?" (43:51)

 The Aad were severe tyrants.

" And when you torment, you torment severely" (26:130)

So in the end, all their material progress was for nothing.

" And we had strengthened their position with what we did not give to you. And we gave them hearing, and sight and heart. But their hearing, sight and heart was useless for them, when they were rejecting the signs of Allah. And they were enveloped by what they used to ridicule". (46:26)

So draw your own conclusions.