Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on why moving is almost always better than standing still

This blog is designed to make you move.

Move your eyes from the top of the page to the bottom of the page.

Move your fingers as you scroll down.

Move your body in front of the computer checking if the author has the mood and wit to write.

Move your head and shoulders downwards in frustration as you realize he doesn't. tee hee.

But most importantly,

this blog is designed to move your heart and soul. Not move your mind, no, that's the work of textbooks from outer space. Move your heart and soul when you hear,

"O you who is enveloped! Arise and warn!" (Al Muddathir:1-2)

Bolded and italicized and underlined. it can't get any more emphasized than that. On a side note, quranic translations always put the word Muhammad in brackets. Like "o you (muhammad) who is enveloped!" But the original text does not have the Prophet's name. Which means that, although the revelation was first sent down on Rasulullah SAW, it is intended for each and every one of us.

"not for me lah, im not in my duvet right now, so not enveloped meh. must be for that guy who's still sleeping, this ayat is to ask him to wake up"

*slap on the forehead*

Now i've annoyed myself.

Laughing? If you go out and meet society, there are people who think like this, who miss out the big picture. But im sure you. dear reader, are not like that *wink2*

You who is enveloped. Enveloped in the duvet of ignorance and in the habits of ignorance, unable to get out, suffocating, a slow and painful death with a slow and painful torture in the afterlife.

"This is too much, calling me ignorant. I am studying in university* lah!"

*based on a glance at the statistics of viewers, i conclude that most of you are students

I, too, am in university, and i openly admit that years of being in the system, and my subsequent dumping of the suffocating duvet, have allowed me to recognize it for what it is. Yes, we are smart, 10A1 and all that, but we have been duped all this while.

Arise and warn. Which means that every individual needs to rise and warn. Which means that da'wah is not only for people learned in the religious sciences coming to mosques giving tazkirah. We want rewards too, and the sahabah had a variety of professions. Uthman was a wealthy businessman. Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas made arrows. With due respect, people learned in the religious sciences have a huge advantage in that they are more acquainted with the quran and hadeeth. So use that advantage also to arise and warn.

Warn people that there is an afterlife, what you do now is going to be repayed later and somebody's gotta get a hurt real baaaad.

"why go through all the trouble? they're gonna get punished anyways, even if we don't remind. Nanti kubur sendiri-sendiri (we'll be in our graves alone)"

Yes, that's true. But if the guy's grave is next to you you're gonna have a hard time resting with all that screaming.

That was tongue-in-cheek, but you get the idea.

Final question: how do you maintain that spirit of da'wah? frankly all my friends will boo me if i start warning them and i don't know where to start.

Simple. go to a happy place (read: happy circles, happy conferences, happy friends, ....)

Why are you still here? This blog was designed to make you move.