Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decency much

Right, i was in LSE100 class and it was already 5 minutes past the hour. Ms Gayoso, probably the hottest teacher i ever had (which maybe explains why i came early to class) looked like she was about to cry because only 5 people were there.

And then she waited a few more minutes, when someone came in through the door. A girl.

And she was wearing a large male shirt, un-ironed, and only knickers underneath, but it was soooo short you'd think she was wearing the shirt only. And the hair was all messed up, like she just got out of bed. Whose bed, i'd rather not speculate.

Excerpts from my mind:

''How the hell did she walk outside in this 5 C weather?''

''Is it summer yet?''

''Is it 'dress minimally to school' day?''

Throughout the class we played a game. But after that we were told to sit in pairs and discuss the game, and, you guessed it, i was with THAT woman.

How could you concentrate on the task when you're distracted by exposure?

I couldn't even take what she said seriously, because of hearing 'stupid bimbo' jokes, and she was dressed like one.

Have the decency to cover up. Some people want to learn, not watch stripshows.


Anonymous said...

tahan plak die sejuk2 tu

Lucy S. said...

stripshows? hahaha! OMG! ngaa~

Inche gabbana said...

astaghfirullah... *geleng kepala*