Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello London, my name is Ikmal

(To be read along with the previous post)

The flight, surprisingly, felt short. We touched down at Heathrow at 0505 hours (wow, nice number, haven't noticed it until now. And you know those scary stories people tell about UK immigration, like how they'd rip your guts open and eat your heart alive if you didn't bring X-rays,etc.? They're not true. For me at least. They just took a look at my passport and letter and stamped, *BOOM*. In fact, if it wasn't for the accent the officers spoke with, i'd have thought that i was in Malaysia.

So then i waited for baggage, which i thought was a soooooooo unique because it was bright red. But then there was a lot of other red bags T_T But the biggest surprise was seeing a senior waiting as soon as i went out of the arrival terminal. WOW. :)

They picked us up in a 15-seater van, which they drove by themselves. If you're wondering why im putting 'they' instead of their names, its to give them an air of mystery and authority, hahah.

It was like 4 C outside, so when i breathed it was like a dragon breathing out smoke, you see. Except it wasn't smoke, it was condensed water vapour. And they drove us to Finsbury Park, home of The Seniors. Its also the home of Arsenal, which is a football club less significant compared to The Seniors. And we had a breakfast of fried rice in tray (nasi goreng dalam dulang) which was delicious as we were all pretty *grumbling tummy*, and that explains everything. We just got here, but they were already treating us like brothers, which really made me feel 'waaaaaaa'...

And then in the afternoon i had lunch at Harput Kebab, which so far seems to be the best kebab joint on earth. I couldn't finish it, and i'm like Cookie Monster at home, which shows just how generous the Harput man is. And then in the evening i went to Butlers Wharf to register for accommodation. If you happen to come by Tower Bridge, and I'm sure you'll do if you're a tourist, be sure to visit me yeah :) Its a really nice place, nearby the River Thames and all, plus its victorianly dodgy and yet modern at the same time (victorianly dodgy at the halls, modern on the other side of the river).

If i have the mood i'll post some pictures and talk some more about London. I love it here, for now :)