Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yay! McCurry won against McDonald's, which is a triumph for curries and vindaloos and dhals everywhere. Or a triumph for restaurants with no Scottish lineages planning to use Mc in their name (Maybe that Indian guy is half Scottish, you never know these days) Or maybe its not. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, kindly point your mousies here.

Why they wanted to use Mc in the first place, beats me. It would have saved a lot of legal costs for McDonald's, who could use the money to improve.....okay, maybe they should have wasted the money on legal costs.

The Federal Court ruling means that other businesses can use Mc too, as long as they distinguish their product from McD's. So maybe now we'll see new restaurants.. McKandar..McCanai.. Restoran MaMac.. McLemak..wheeehee, the possibilities are endless :)

What if we put Mc names for Malaysians? Would there be a horde of Scots comin doon here to shove bagpipes oop yer arse? If not, that would be a cool thing. Just imagine. Mohamad McAli. McMoorthy. McChong. Now im starting to think that name originated in Malaysia.

Enough of my rambling. It's 11 already and if you're hungry go to McD or your nearest McMamak. Shooh shooh.


n a z u aziz said...

oooo. i really like the MaMac idea. sounds cool dowh. lol

The Author said...

lol kan2? it'll put a whole new twist on mamak stalls evrywhre :D