Wednesday, September 9, 2009

if only we could see who views our profile

Beware ye olde Facebook.

Its turning me into a stalker. Admit it, its turning you into a stalker too.

But its not really my fault, honest. If FB throws every little update and wall and quiz and Black Sheep at your home page, you have to be ridiculously innocent not to at least follow one 'see wall-to-wall' and stalk. And the fact that almost EVERYONE shouts out every little thing/feeling they do/feel is an almost open invitation, isn't it?

I don't know about you, but I feel a little jump of joy every time someone likes my status. I'd be on the moon if someone comments. I'm knocked unconscious if lots of people like it.

So yeah, that means that you actually want that attention. Following Isa's train of thought, if you say you aren't that means you're a hypocrite. Hahah, i seem to love this simple logic, where everyone is vain. That's why people adore facebook in the first place, it allows them to be known. (or is it to make friends?) Judging by the amount of self-explanatory and intimately revealing quizzes on FB ( like what does your underwear say about you), i'd bet on the former.

Which brings us to the initial question. I'm not really stalking if facebookers actually crave people like me. tee hee. Or maybe it is considered stalking, and facebook is teaching us that its alright to stalk as long as someone implicitly allows it. Brrrr.