Monday, September 28, 2009

Its a darn cold plane

This blog post is brought to you from aboard flight MH002 heading for Heathrow Airport. Em, not really, but at least i wrote this posting on the plane =)

So now i’m freezing and my nose is running like a broken water tap. My lips are cracked from the dry air. every hour im going to the toilet to take huge bundles of toilet towels so that i won’t have to smear snot all over my seat. This allergy is killing me. You wanna know the real reason i’m switching on this laptop? So i could warm some parties up.

But hey, riding on a plane is not all snotty and stuff. We have like 60+ channels on the in-flight TV. And chicken kurma. And free-flowing guava juice. Blast this air-cond.

But one thing intrigues me. Before take-off, they have this short film on the TV, what to do under emergency situations. Everyone in that clip was smiling and happy. Who the hell just sits calmly and smiles when the plane is diving into water???? People wont be saying ‘Son, please sit still while mummy puts on this lifejacket for you.’ They’d be like ‘Wear this on la!!!! Bising2, mak tampar karang!’ But of course, its an instructional video, so i shouldn’t be emotional bout it.

p/s : Thank you family and friends who sent me off at the airport. Really appreciate it =)


Hamidi Yusoff said...

hahahahahahaha lawak ok!!


urmm..i couldnt imagine how cold is that..anyway..brek a leg..

p/s:sorry x dpt nk sent kt KLIA ritu...

Anonymous said...

sabar aje la...
tips: minum air..

works fr me!
nways,gud luck di sana, my former 'Magic:The Gathering' rival!