Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, look to the right-hand side

And you'll see a counter. You know, that box that shows how many people actually read the stuff i write about. Or they may not even read, they might just take a look and surf somewhere else for all i know. Anyway, the counter is the topic of today.

I got it from a website called Pyzam. In the early days when this blog was fresh and i was spirited enough to update almost everyday, the counter looked like a cool idea to insert in a blog. *Having imaginary conversations in my head* 

"Hey, u have a blog right?"
"Yeah, i do..4000 visitors already"

Hence the Pyzam counter was born.

Do applications have attitudes? This one does. Take this situation for instance. I open the blog after 2 months in operation. '50 views'. Not wanting to believe that, i clicked 'refresh', and suddenly it shows '360 views'. The next day its 333 views. Mathematicians call it a random walk, where there are seemingly random occurrences in a given period. And i thought only farts were random.

If i treat the counter to lunch, will it function properly?