Monday, June 10, 2013

the great scholars were book nerds, so?

By little brother gets an adrenaline rush if he passes by Toys R'Us. He'll say something like "best la nampak mainan tu. dia boleh pusing-pusing" when he's actually saying "i'll be happy if you buy me that toy"

Some people get an adrenaline rush from seeing clothes.

Some get adrenaline rushes from food. (do you realise how much malaysians talk about food? in britain, never once did people greet me with "have you ate?" (dah makan dah?) all they talk about is the weather -.- malaysians are experts in 'gastronomic geography'. in a recent trip with several brothers, almost everyone recalled places according to food. "ipoh! have you tried nasi ganja?" "taiping cendol!" "r&r tapah has some good food!"

yes, brothers are human too.

Some get an adrenaline rush from books, from seeing physical books lined up on shelves and seeing files of books lined up in an awesome website like

they have lots & lots & lots & lots & lots of digital books to help in D&T *swoon*. So to all those on holiday and to those who spend too much time thinking about where to have lunch, don't say "but there's nothing for me to do" *wink*

Suggestions :
- noble life of the prophet by sheikh ali sallabi - a 2000+ page biography of the prophet with lessons for the modern da'ie.
- recordings of the life of Muhammad, Abu Bakr and Umar - something beneficial and serious to listen to, rather than listen to random songs on the radio while stuck in a 30-minute traffic jam.

p/s : don't just download everything. Some of these authors are still alive and need to make a living for their families.