Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Energizer Da'ie

I wanted to write something for people coming 'back for good, but this post was so comprehensive that i felt that any further elaboration would be redundant.

Working life can be very tempting and seem very harmless, like a cute energizer bunny.

But don't trust the cuteness of energizer bunnies. They Keep Going at all costs, they never tire out and if you follow their rhythm you and your heart will die a slow, agonizing death. And worse of all, you don't even realize your gradual death because the Energizer Bunny is keeping you drugged on Promotions, Increments, That New House and That Nice Car.

So let Rasulullah SAW and Mu'az ibn Jabal radhiyallahu'anhu teach us 

"How to Stay Sane and Awesome"


From Mu'az ibn Jabal ra, he said "i said 'O Rasulullah, tell me about a deed that will enter me into Paradise, and keep me far from Hell.'

He (SAW) said "you have asked about a great thing, and verily it is easy for those whom Allah makes it easy. Worship Allah, and do not make anything as partners with Him. And uphold solah, and give zakah, and fast in Ramadan, and perform Hajj."

And then he (SAW) said, "Do you want me to show you the doors of good? Fasting is a shield, and sadaqah will extinguish sins like water extinguishes fire, and the solah of a man in the middle of the night." And then he recited: "They arise from their beds..until he reaches what they used to do" (Surah As Sajdah:16-17) 

And then he (SAW) said, "Do you want me to tell you the head of the matter, and its pillars, and its highest peak?" I said, "Yes, O Rasulullah". "The head of the matter is islam, its pillars are solah, and its highest peak is jihad."

And then he (SAW) said, "Do you want me to tell you about the essential prerequisite to all that?" I said "Yes, O Rasulullah". Therefore he held his tongue and said "Guard this". I said "O prophet of Allah, and we are going to be taken (to account) for what we speak with it?" He (SAW) said, "May your mother be bereaved of you! And what would make men fall prostrate on their faces-or on their noses- in Hell, except the harvest of their tongues" (Tirmidhi)

The recipe is simple enough
1) guard the 5 basic obligations of islam
2) Persist in performing nawafil (amalan sunat)
3) the base of the matter is islam, its pillar is solah and its highest peak is jihad. Uphold prayers (and this means praying solah on time and at the masjid) because in addition to maintaining your connection to Allah, it will train you to struggle,to give your all-out. Like muharikah advised, attend usrah even if you don't feel like you gained anything. 
4) Guard your tongue. 

Simple to say, difficult to practise.

There is one race that an Energizer bunny cannot win, and that is a race with an Energizer da'ie. Because

الفكر لا يحد، واللسان لا يصمت، والجوارح لا تسكن. فان لم تشغلها بالعظاءم، شغلك الصغاءر
"The thought cannot be limited, and the tongue cannot stay quiet, and the body cannot stay still. Therefore if you do not occupy it with great things, small things have occupied you" - Abdul Wahhab 'Azzam