Sunday, May 8, 2011

on why our moms are amazing

"happy mother's day mama"

I've had a lot of significant mother's days in my entire life.

Like back in the days when i came home from primary school, and under the tudung saji there were already at least 2 dishes for lunch. And then we'd eat together, my mama and I, while the azan for zohor prayers wafted in the background. if she cooked asam pedas the day before, she would make some fried chicken, so it'll be asam pedas & ayam goreng. If she made chicken rice the day before and there's still some chicken left over, she'll make fried rice with some keropok. yumyum.

Or the days when i'm home and we'd fold clothes while watching al-kuliyyah or some cooking show other tv programme in the evenings, while having teh tarik. I'd see the stack of clothes and be disheartened, but she managed it all this while without even breaking sweat.

Or the days when i came home from boarding school, and she'd always make the things that i like most, until i called it 'menu wajib' (compulsory menu):
- spaghetti bolognese
- kebab mekah (closely guarded secret)
- ayam haliopolis (ayam halia, haliopolis to give it a fancier feel)

Or the days before going back to mrsm, she'd always ask 'along nak minum apa2?' (do you want to drink anything?) and i'd say teh tarik, because i love teh tarik. and then i'd drink the tea and feel sad about leaving home and the tea would feel a bit saltier because of that.

And those are my significant mother's days. To you it may sound normal and uneventual, but it's those repeated things that you remember, because it made up a bulk of my upbringing and nurturing.

And mums are amazing, because they can make simple things memorable. :-)

old school photo of me and my mum
I love my mama :-) happy mother's day everyone!


tumpang sahur said...

kirim salam kt mak, ikmal! rindu nak sahur ngan dia, pakcik nordin, ihsan, izhar dan ilham! hihi~

Inche gabbana said...


The Author said...

@tumpang sahur: insyaallah.. :) krm salam kat kak yah,kak lah, kak nah, abg din, faizah, paih, yue dan cang ye..tidak melupakan pakcik abdullah dan makcik naimah..muahahaha :D

@inche gabbana: nsb baik xde org masuk bilik masa tulis post ni..hehe

Nyna Roxford said...

I know how it feels like having to leave your mom to do the house chores and you can't help her cuz you need to go back to school.

Mothers are the best!! :D