Friday, May 6, 2011

on how to ensure we don't fall before we reach the finish line

Now its exam week, so i've been pretty caught up in the whole feverish atmosphere. which is a convenient excuse for why fungi and weeds have started to grow on this blog. peace.

However, exams are NOT an excuse to stop thinking about our purpose of life. Da'wah has to move on, regardless of what condition you're in. God exists in all times. even if you have no legs to walk or you're in solitary confinement. in fact, if you have no legs you can say cool things like

"my legs are already in heaven, the rest of my body is still waiting."

So these are some things i learnt while reading managerial accounting.

"managers have a preference for verbal communication, eventhough there are accounting reports/informal measures etc"

And this is something i learnt in circles. Whoever says to you something like

"you're not developing your skills, talking about the qur'an all the time"

is missing out on a lot of things. who better to hone your skills than the One who created you? right? righttttt??? *big cheesy grin* let's say your car breaks down. do you reach for an Argos catalogue? no sir.

*for readers outside the UK, Argos is a popular store in the UK that sells almost everything*

You reach for a car manual, and that's the logical thing to do. We learn about common sense and logic in classes, but when it comes to things like these it seems all common sense flies out the window. Similarly if you want to develop as a human being the best thing to do is to reach for our manual, the qur'an. Previously, when i wanted to do something bad i hid my qur'an in the drawer, as if that would make the sin less of a bad thing. true story *malu malu* :-(

back to managerial accounting. So basically i learnt lots of things with my tadabbur ekaunting, because dakwah is partly about reaching out to people and managing people. Anyhow, this tadabbur is based on my observations and experiences. Do NOT base your dakwah on management theories, which is why i don't put the authors' names. In academia researchers only quote from people who are trusted in their fields. Same here, since this is dakwah 101.

base it on the qur'an and hadith.

it's interesting that managers have a preference for verbal communication. eventhough we have twitter, facebook, skype, myspace, etc nothing beats the information you get talking face-to-face.

you can match the tone of voice to the facial expression.

you can discern whether his body language is coherent with what he is saying.

you can tell whether that person is about to punch you.

you can tell that you need to run away now.

Rasulullah was a master of communicating. When he spoke to people, he turned his whole body to face them. with that sort of attention, who wouldn't melt~

So that's where our dakwah begins. By touching the hearts of people. If a stranger tells you
"bro, what are you doing in front of the computer"

and a friend tells you the same thing, which advice would you more easily accept? same here.

similarly, you need to be in constant close contact to good people so their verbal actions and physical actions would leave an imprint on you. If you sit with mat rempit, pretty soon you'll acquire their vocab and a motorbike. If you are serious about changing society, live and breathe with society-changers.

pretty soon even the air will smell different.