Wednesday, December 1, 2010

100th post.

my 100th post. Weee.

I'm posting a post just to say I've reached a 100 posts.

Which is pretty pointless, because usually people commemorate something when they reach the tens or the hundreds or the hundred-tens.

'the 160th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' voyage'

'210th anniversary of kicking out the British with the help of the French and 211th anniversary of kicking out the French'

'10th anniversary of my Digimon going down the toilet bowl and baba using kitchen tongs to take it out' :')

Pointless? Yes, much like the things we do everyday. Purposeless, more like it. That's what society does nowadays, ramble and do random things and commemorate things they don't even know the significance of just to have an excuse to celebrate and get entertained.

It's like a train. Everybody's on it having a great time, singing and dancing and giving good cheer. But nobody knows where the train is going, oh dear oh dear.

Where is your train going?

Hopefully not down the toilet bowl.


Akmal Hayat said...

welcoming u to blogspot's "jubli emas"..


The Author said...

Akmal: dah jubli emas, lg lama lg bykla kerja kna buat kn? hehe :p