Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Middle Way? You're kidding me

I frequently hear words to this effect from a lot of people,

"alaa..yes, i do this and that, but at least i still pray and fast"

"i don't think that's applicable in this age, that's all medieval"

"i believe capitalism is the way forward"

If you're Richard Dawkins then i wish you all the best sir. but if you're muslim and you say you're a muslim and you identify with the muslim culture, then uh-oh maybe we need to reflect a bit.

Is the frequently touted 'middle way' permissible? can you do little bits here, little bits there, and create a mixed collage?

see this verse and decide for yourself;

"Verily, those who disbelieve in Allâh and His Messengers and wish to make distinction between Allâh and His Messengers (by believing in Allâh and disbelieving in His Messengers) saying, "We believe in some but reject others," and wish to adopt a way in between.

They are the true disbelievers
. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating torment
." (An Nisa':150-151)

And even when translated into english, that's pretty strong stuff. The people we usually brand as 'kafir totok', at least they're clear in their disbelief. What about us? if we believe in some aspects but reject others? Do we like being 'true disbelievers'? *shudder*

Believing 'there is no god but Allah' has major implications for your actions, your way of life. It entails that your systems, your laws, your etiquette, and your conduct all come from Him.

And we're not branding anyone here but ourselves, cause it ain't right to point at others. When you point one finger, another 3 point back at you *taken from a mural at SK Seksyen 7 Kota Damansara*

Are we accepting Islam as our way of life?


Inche gabbana said...


"Ya ayyuahal ladzi na a-manu fil-silmi kaa-fah..."


The Author said...

inche gabbana: teringat zaman2 mkn smbal ikan bilis ramai2 smbil tersentap dgr ayat quran.. T_T