Sunday, August 29, 2010

blocked nose is alright, as long as it isn't blocked brain

Let's turn disease into an art form:

lol if i could do that now. Catching a cold isn't a bad thing at all. Some people say 'i'm sick' like its a bad thing that Allah puts on them to make them suffer. We complain a lot don't we. Like everything else, its another test for you which could be a good thing if you're patient with it :-)

Besides, if you're patient with it He forgives your nice :-D

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Heard at a mosque in Klang Valley:

1st scene
Imam: "Please can you let the people wearing jubah (robes) stand in the first saf...(name held secret) will get upset if people wear T-shirts."

2nd scene
Imam: "Today we have a new brother with us, and he needs some'll find him at the back..the one who looks like a Chinese, that's him."

a little more tact please.

Friday, August 27, 2010

chicken soup for the soul

Rasulullah pbuh said:

"Whoever amongst you sees munkar, then he should change it with his hand.

If he is not able to, then with his tongue.

If he is not able to, then with his heart.

And that is the weakest of iman"

(Narrated by Muslim)

What if in our hearts we don't even want the munkar to change?

Does our faith go out the window then?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If there is no wind, would the trees shake?

Have you ever had the conversation below?

Me: Kerajaan ni, kerajaan tu..bla3
(government this, government that..bla3)

Anonymous: Jangan macam tu..kau blaja siapa yang tanggung?
(don't be like that..who pays for your study?)

Me: -.-

I'm irked by that kind of reasoning, and the thing is lots of people think in the same way, which may be a reason why there aren't a lot of protests/revolutions/anarchies here as compared to other countries, and i'm not saying these are good.

protesting unemployment

To be fair, the government is not all nonsense and waste. They have done a lot of good things like sending myself overseas and turning Malaysia into a former Tiger economy. But why shouldn't we be allowed to voice our opinions on rulers' faults? We're just exercising some constructive opinions.

1. The money used for sending students overseas comes from the taxpayers' money (and maybe a few dodgy sources; an economics student from LSE told me that Malaysia is World No.2 in the list of countries financing their projects via lottery). It is the people's money and the government is only the 'trust holder'; therefore we, the people, have the right to voice out against any mismanagement.

2. Not having the right to voice out on the grounds of 'kerajaan tanggung kau' is akin to bribery. On its most basic level, it's like 'i give you money, you keep quiet ok?' Real smooth, Al Capone-like.

Yes, i admit that it is government policy that enabled truckloads to be sent overseas. So that is why we give constructive opinions; so that lots more people could be made happy by your policies instead of the those few naughty naughty men =)

Then again, maybe i'm complaining too much.

"Verily, man was created very impatient" (Al-Ma'arij:19)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yesterday this story happened.

I went back to my grandma's house *location kept secret* and, as carpets are infinitely more comfortable than floors or mats, i was asked to take the carpet from one of the rooms.

Now this carpet hasn't been used for quite a while. It just stood there, rolled and waiting.

So you could understand my anxiety. I gave the carpet a few shakes and out came a few ants and some dried leaves from the bottom. owhkayyyy. Now it was advisable to let it dry outside first. So my mum and i carried it outside, and all of a sudden


from the bottom fell 4 little newborn mice

of course, when 4 mice fall out of your carpet, you must freak out to some degree. Imagine if we had just rolled it out in front of the tv *shudder*

Their eyes haven't even opened yet, and they were barely able to walk, let alone find food. :( So since we couldn't keep them, we put them in a drain in front of the house and let them be. So now i'm an accomplice to baby dumping in the month of Ramadhan.

But at least there was water in the drain, if baby mice can drink water. And i felt sorry for these little guys (they couldn't even see!!) Imagine how their mother would feel if she went back to the carpet at night. No more home, and no more babies *sob3* aiyohhh..they could die from the heat, or from starvation, or from ants. slow and painful. ouch.

My point is, if we could feel sorry for baby MICE who we met just a few minutes before, how could people have the guts to dump baby HUMANS who they carried around for 9 months and have their similar features?

Its like we returned to the age of Jahiliyyah you see, even if we are materially prosperous. The Arabs in those days used to bury female babies, thrown and left for dead. At least they kept it to females. Now with the rise of gender equality movements, even male babies are dumped as well. Sad state of affairs, its true.

Maybe what we need is a fundamental change in society, much like what the Prophet pbuh instituted in those days. Maybe only then can people start treating other people like humans, not rats.