Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If there is no wind, would the trees shake?

Have you ever had the conversation below?

Me: Kerajaan ni, kerajaan tu..bla3
(government this, government that..bla3)

Anonymous: Jangan macam tu..kau blaja siapa yang tanggung?
(don't be like that..who pays for your study?)

Me: -.-

I'm irked by that kind of reasoning, and the thing is lots of people think in the same way, which may be a reason why there aren't a lot of protests/revolutions/anarchies here as compared to other countries, and i'm not saying these are good.

protesting unemployment

To be fair, the government is not all nonsense and waste. They have done a lot of good things like sending myself overseas and turning Malaysia into a former Tiger economy. But why shouldn't we be allowed to voice our opinions on rulers' faults? We're just exercising some constructive opinions.

1. The money used for sending students overseas comes from the taxpayers' money (and maybe a few dodgy sources; an economics student from LSE told me that Malaysia is World No.2 in the list of countries financing their projects via lottery). It is the people's money and the government is only the 'trust holder'; therefore we, the people, have the right to voice out against any mismanagement.

2. Not having the right to voice out on the grounds of 'kerajaan tanggung kau' is akin to bribery. On its most basic level, it's like 'i give you money, you keep quiet ok?' Real smooth, Al Capone-like.

Yes, i admit that it is government policy that enabled truckloads to be sent overseas. So that is why we give constructive opinions; so that lots more people could be made happy by your policies instead of the those few naughty naughty men =)

Then again, maybe i'm complaining too much.

"Verily, man was created very impatient" (Al-Ma'arij:19)