Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Haha I Won at Bowling

yesterday i went to mid to meet up with some old friends.

i had mild flu, and a bit of a headache. in the train, i was trying to suppress my sneezing, for fear that a harmless bit of 'atchoo' would result in everyone on the train giving me the 'u dirty H1N1 boy' look. These days, everyone is a health hazard.

So i went to Guardian, but they were out of masks. Darn, now i can't be a ninja. I was having this fantasy of wearing a mask and then sneaking up on my friends and holding my hand, pistol-shaped, against their back, like a robber. Oh well.

So then we bowled, and watched a movie (that half-baked attempt at being funny, 'Night at the Museum 2') and then shouted a lot at the arcade. I only spent RM 30 on everything, including transport. How's that for cheap quality time? hehe

So then i went back by Komuter. Guess what? I met Isa at the train station. Fancy seeing him there, in his Marlboro t-shirt *cough2* And like me, he was on the way to being broke.

And in the train, god, i wished that i'd at least searched for a mask. My own breath was better compared to the odour of hundreds of people. *Rising nausea* Add that to the probability that 0.00033% of them might have piggy flu.


Alinotnot :) said...

piggy flu ?
nice one:P

Adrian Koay said...

haha, nice that your blog is updated. Too bad I;m not in KL... oh well, see you soon during results day.