Thursday, July 9, 2009

Charlie and the Mint Factory

In BNM's predeparture program (read '5-day luxury holiday retreat'), we were subjected to a motivational course for the first 3 days. Now you wouldn't want to know about BNM and all its values would you, you Sime Darby/Mara/PNB/YT/other sponsors people.

What is super-interesting is the 4th day, when we were brought to the Mint Factory in Shah Alam. I've lived a good 14/15 out of 18 years of my life in KL/Selangor, but this was the 1st time i knew we had a money-making factory in Shah Alam.

So naturally, i was pretty 'jakun'.

It was pretty much the feeling that Charlie had when he entered Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. XD There was the minting machine which mints 600 coins per minute, the counting machine, the packing machine, etc..but the sound of clanking coins was noisy, so the workers used headphones all the time, except probably the already deaf ones.

And then there was the thorough security process, where they frisked you with metal detectors. Though i doubt that anyone would be able to steal enough coins to become rich.

And then we went to a bigger chocolate factory: the facility where they process notes. There were bundles upon bundles of notes, all waiting for me to claim ownership. And it was the first time i lifted a bag worth RM1 million!! *dollar signs rolling inside eyes* And they even opened the money vault...Danny Ocean would get a fit if he saw that :) (wondering if i could cut off the thumb of the manager to enter the vault)


faid_fahm said...

jgn lupe bgtau aku departure ko biler

p/s: "dollar signs rolling inside eyes.."
ko memang!
tau r shell x skaya bnm

The Author said...

haha..ngeng..ko lg ar..sumer currency rolling inside your eyes. ;)