Friday, April 18, 2014

Mr Karpal Singh- a reflection

I was touched by this article on Karpal Singh:

Religious and political stances aside, I can't help but to admire his virtues as a human being. Replace the name 'Karpal Singh' with 'Mohamad X' and you find in him a lot of attributes that are ideal for a da'ie:

" or hate him, you have to admire the man’s tenacity."

"He was as fierce as a tiger when taking on his opponents but outside of the political arena, he was soft-spoken, courteous and polite and always a gentleman."

"You could not catch him using rude words especially in front of ladies and he treated all reporters with respect."

"Those who have been to his office are often surprised at how small and ordinary it is."

"Come to think of it, Karpal never once complained about the disabilities he had to endure after the 2005 accident that cost him the use of his limbs."

While at the same time, his 'muslim' critics lack integrity, are foul-mouthed, extravagant to a nauseating degree and are wholly unrepentant, fearing warnings from the ballot paper more than warnings from the divine book.

We are the worst enemies of our own selves.


nahmy said...

the 'fight' goes on...more 'karpal' is coming

malik aayan said...

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Anonymous said...

but, how can you admire someone who was strictly against Hudud Law?

The Author said...

@anonymous:rasulullah used to respect those who were non-believers but had some good qualities or gave him help, such as mut'im bin adi.

And we must be fair to karpal singh. He once defended 4 singaporean muslim girls who were banned from wearing the tudung at school. And although he disagreed with PAS over hudud, he still treated the party's leaders with respect, while at the same time you see 'muslims' consistently bombarding and belittling the idea of hudud.

It is expected that karpal would be against hudud, since he was a non-muslim. However that does not mean we couldn't appreciate his good qualities. Life is a spectrum of rainbow colours, its not just black and white.